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With today’s economic landscape, employers are even more focused than ever on finding ways to save money on employee benefits. As the cost of providing benefits continues to rise and employees consistently seek more, employers must find ways to offer benefit programs that balance both their employee needs with their bottom line. Affiance Insurance Group can help.

We understand that employee benefit programs vary significantly, and one of the biggest differentiators is company size. The number of employees a company has directly relates to the way an organization designs, communicates, and delivers benefits to its workforce. Regardless if you are a small, medium, or large employer, we know providing a comprehensive employee benefit package is paramount to attract and retain the employees that you’ve hand-selected to represent your company. Affiance Insurance Group helps you find the solution to fit the needs of both your company and your employees, regardless of size.

Whether your company needs a complete employee benefit package or only a few select products, Affiance Insurance Group can help you find the solution that fits your company’s bottom line and your employee’s needs.

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Individual & Family Insurance Quotes

Shopping for individual, family, or Medicare insurance can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially when coverage varies so much from insurance carrier to carrier. Let our Eau Claire insurance agency do the work for you!

We get quotes from top-rated insurance carriers, compare the coverage and cost, and find the best plan for you and your family. If you're a Wisconsin or Minnesota resident, contact our insurance agency today for your no-obligation insurance quote. Simply fill out the following form, and we'll get started shopping today!


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insurance quotes

Affiance Insurance Group went out of their way to get us an additional 2% off the renewal rate we received this year. They took time to get us traditional quotes to show our employees that a high-deductible plan was more bang for their buck. Our insurance agent always answers our questions in a reasonable timeframe, and if she's not available, she lets us know when she will be. She also gives presentations to our employees to explain all benefits available to
them from our insurance carrier.

insurance quotes

  — Rowley Tool Corp



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